branded wet wipes that people touch, see, and smell.

iPhone sizeD, individual branded package on the outside, refreshing wet towelettes in the inside. the friendliest way to increase your brand awareness.


-The most seamless and friendly way to increase your brand awareness and advertising -

Food Festivals | Hotels | Restaurants | Catering & Delivery Services

Our purpose is to create an intimate relationship, an impactful experience between brands and their audience.


Unlike other print advertising solutions our custom branded refreshing hand wipes serve as a multi sensory solution that your clients touch, smell and see. We achieve that intimate connection between you and your clients by activating those 3 senses. 95% of your customers will keep/use your advertising and not trash them like other print marketing materials. 75% will take more than one, distributing your message even more

Enhance brand experience and loyalty while collecting important data from your guests.

After establishing that positive relationship, possibilities are endless when it comes to motivating your audience to immediate action through digitally integrating your campaign by using: Text, Share, Blipp, #hashtag, coupon codes, qr code, sweepstakes...and more.

84% of Americans retain a company's name when they receive promotional gifts with that company's logo on it.


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